About Backwoods Beast

Hello and welcome to BackwoodsBeastOutdoor.com. My name is John Gerhauser and I created this brand as part of my online explore series.  I started the brand in 2016 with the idea of creating a community of like minded people that would enjoy watching my adventures as much as I like creating them.  And hopefully I could deliver something of value to them along the way.

This site is for me to have a small online store and start a helpful blog for my fans.

For now I can only offer small accessories, affiliated items, and the Survival Wristbands which I make by hand!  This store will help fund my travels and adventures down the road.

Along with these small Items, I will also start a little blog that shares my ideas, views, and tips about things I find while I am out exploring.  

I soon plan to have stickers and t-shirts made in which case I will give out the first few hundred of these shirts to some of my originally loyal fans!

But I imagine this place as my little market on the internet where I have helpful Items for other like minded explorers. For now It is my focus to build content on YouTube and Instagram so follow me over there and don't be afraid to say what's up?!

I hope everyone in the world with safe and happy travels. :)