About Backwoods Beast Rugged Apparel

About Backwoods Beast Rugged Apparel

     Hey everyone! My name is John Gerhauser, I started Backwoods Beast in 2016 originally to express my love for the outdoors with other like minded individuals, through means of social media and other outlets.  It has since sprung more entrepreneurial legs and is now the newest face in outdoor gear and design. Let me give you a quick story about myself and why I started this company. 

     I am a United States Navy Veteran. I served from 2005-2009 mostly with amphibious groups. In 2008 I was deployed to Iraq with Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 3 for 7 months. During this time I decided that I wanted to go out and explore the world and see what else was out there. I came home in 2009 to a bad economy and family struggling with different financial hardships. From 2009 until today I have worked in corporate environments and even started a few others businesses that didn't pan out so well, until finally finding my calling here with Backwoods Beast.

     I am an avid hiker and backpacker and am currently waiting to join and outdoor leadership program so that I can be a certified outdoor guide.  You can find some of my adventures on YouTube or Instagram!

Backwoodsbeastoutdoor.com is the name of my website. This is where I plan on selling my own products but also some of the best rugged gear on the market today!  The point of this site is to bring you tough and tested items for tactical hunters, experienced mountaineers, or even the daily die-hard.

Backwoods Beast Rugged Apparel is the name of my brand.  I promise to bring high quality and tried products to the market. For now think of us as a specialty boutique, but as we grow and connect with more people we will provide high quality equipment at a great price.  

We hope you'll enjoy the new face we are bringing to the market and we hope to have a healthy competition with all the other great brands out there. Most importantly we cant wait to enjoy share this planet and everything it has to offer with all of its creatures.

"See you out there!!"


John Gerhauser -CEO